Issues Hindering Children in Zambia

“Two Zambias,” the Zambia adjacent to its road and rail system and another, remote hinterlands, present unique challenges. Even native Zambians born and raised in larger towns or the capitol city of Lusaka do not comprehend the lack of health services available to their rural countrymen. Limited medical and social assistance is available to children living in urban areas, but for children living with HIV/AIDS and other health problems in the remote countryside, services are virtually non-existent.

When a child is orphaned in a rural area few options exist for placement beyond the child being taken in by extended family or the community. Under such circumstances, securing medical and social services is an insurmountable problem for caregivers who have already assumed additional financial and social stress.

Options provides short- and long-term relief for orphaned children and their caregivers by providing health services and strengthening local health service capacity, as well as fostering health through community development. Our projects serve needy children, their families and communities through women’s microfinance projects, improved access to clean water, investment in local schools and athletics, and promotion of sustainable farming for food security and better nutrition. Partnership at both the individual and community levels creates lasting change.

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