About Zambia


Population: 12,460,305
Age Structure: 0-14 years: 45.1%, 15-65 years: 52%, 65+:2.3%
Median Age: Total: 16.5 years, Female: 16.6 years
Population growth: 3.118%
Birth Rate: 44.63 births/1,000 people (4th highest in the world)
Urbanization: 35% urban
Infant Mortality: 68.4 deaths/1,000 live births (20th highest in the world)
Fertility Rate: 6.07 children born/woman
HIV/AIDS: 15.2% prevalence rate (7th highest in the world)
Education: 7% School life expectancy


Climate: Tropical; rainy season (Oct. – Apr.)
Terrain: Mostly high plateau with some hills and mountains
Natural Resources: Copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal, emeralds, gold, silver, uranium, hydropower
Land Use: 6.99% Arable land, 0.4% permanent crops, 92.97% other

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