Village of Muchila

Muchila, a rural chiefdom in the Southern Province of Zambia, is home to nearly 30,000 people living on remote subsistence farms, most of which lack running water and electricity.  During annual service trips, Muchila Rural Health Centre medical personnel work alongside Options dental volunteers and Zambian dental professionals to provide the only dedicated oral health care available in the region.  By offering preventive dental care, pain relief and oral health outreach, long term improvement in oral health — especially for children — can be achieved.

Vital to the success of the project is a team of community dental health volunteers trained by Options dental professionals and supervised by the local health centre clinical officer and nurses.   A team of ten young adults from the Muchila Chiefdom provide year-round outreach on oral health while preparing for their own careers in dentistry.

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Voices of Zambia

Muchila Cheifdom

"My son has had a toothache since he was 6 years old. Sometimes missing school, not eating, and feeling terrible, he is better now. Maybe now we know how to help so he will not have this problem again.”