Kasisi Children’s Home

Kasisi Children’s Home (www.kasisichildren.org) is the largest orphanage in Zambia, with over 250 children of all ages. Founded in 1926 and run by the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate, Kasisi’s mission is “to provide children with basic needs, spiritual care, love and protection, and to ensure that children will be self-supporting once they reach adulthood.” Children come to Kasisi from all across Zambia via referrals from the Zambian Social Welfare Society, police victim support units, refugee centers and hospitals. Children also arrive at Kasisi directly off the streets and through abandonment.

Children with good oral health demonstrate better school attendance, eating, speaking, self-confidence, social interaction, and general well being. Since 2004, Options dental volunteers have worked with the orphanage staff to keep the children of Kasisi in good oral health. A program of preventive education, protective fluoride and sealant treatments, and general dental care have resulted in a dramatic decrease in dental disease. A donated dental unit and basic supplies have allowed us to expand on-site dental treatment. Options for Children in Zambia is proud to be the official dental prevention and care organization of the Kasisi Children’s Home.

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