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Like many developing nations, Zambia has daunting health problems, such as HIV-AIDS, malaria, medication-resistant tuberculosis, other infectious diseases and high maternal and infant mortality.  Governments and major NGOs address many of these burdens.  Options, being a small and grass roots-based operation, focuses primarily on different but equally important issues.

Options for Children in Zambia provides short- and long-term relief for orphaned children and their caregivers through delivery of health care, commitment to strengthen local health service capacity, and improvement of health through community development.  Our bi-annual service trips employ volunteers who deliver dental care, medical aid, women’s micro-finance support, educational sponsorship, community outreach and public health interventions that help orphaned children, extended families and communities living with HIV and AIDS.

In 2012, Options launched its biggest project yet: a community birthing center in the village of Muchila to address the needs of women and babies with the aim to improve maternal child health.

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